1984 - The Indian automobile industry is on the springboard of exponential growth. A committed individual sees an opportunity in this and puts everything he had on it. TRADELINERS was born. 31 years later, the tiny acorn has grown into a mighty oak with more than 1200 customers state-wide.

So how did we do it? To put it in one word-honesty. We sold OEM parts and OEM parts only. At a time when fly-by-operators were flooding the market with spurious stuff, we stuck to genuine parts. Even when it was near impossible to differentiate between the originals and the duplicates, we sold only originals. Initial volumes were thin. Margins were even thinner. But we had a long-term perspective, and we stuck to it. And sure enough, we won hands down.

At TRADELINERS we realized from day one that establishing a sound, open and above board relationship with our principals, dealers and end users was the key to success. We constantly liaised with them, getting valuable feedback, which helped us to deliver better. All our dealings were transparent. Customer service was impeccable. Delivery schedules were strictly adhered to. Complaints were immediately looked into. Defective parts were promptly replaced. Satisfaction was guaranteed. No wonder we are where we are today.

TRADELINERS now caters to customers throughout the state of Kerala and ensures that will have access to genuine automotive spares.

Our Vision

To be the Number 1 distributor of fast moving automotive spares and lighting in the country and to ensure all vehicle users have access to genuine spares quickly and at reasonable cost.

Our Mission:- Genuine Products; Any Time; Any Place

Our mission is to have ready stock of genuine, fast moving replacement components required by the automotive industry and to reach them to dealers nationwide so that the end users have access to them quickly and at competitive cost.

Our Value Proposition

Help distributors replenish stock quickly and efficiently so as to maintain a lean inventory, and thus reduce cost overheads and ensure the long-term health and success of the business.

We believe in establishing genuine relationships with customers who care and have concern for their vehicles; just like a family member.